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I love that it’s basically just Coruscant with blue lights. 



“At least they left me a replacement; Sherlock’s never that considerate.”
- Superwholock: Sam and Dean swipe the Doctor’s psychic paper


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This show is full of optimism. I need this. 

Josh Hutcherson wins @ TCA 2012/2014.

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News! - At the Crunchyroll panel at Otakon today, it was announced that Crunchyroll will be uploading all 70 episodes of CardCaptor Sakura to their site, both subtitled and English dubbed! According to this feed, they should be available to watch on the site Tuesday at 6pm PST. I’ll post links in my Official Streams Master Post once they’re up!

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Super Mikoshibas with bonus Wausuke and Waruka cameo print

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stucky + textposts

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I am laughing so hard

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Vitamin X Ikuze Ultra Addiction Event 

Suzuki Tatsuhisa gets offended by Ono Daisuke in character but then OnoD jokes about it after.

Ono Daisuke: Nice to meet you, nyan!

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: Hajime!

Ono Daisuke: What is it?

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: I’ve appeared right in front of you and yet you still ignore me.

Ono Daisuke: That’s true, you are in front of me. Well Tsubasa, since I do see you everyday it does get tiresome.

[Tatsu gets offended]

Ono Daisuke: Just kidding, nyan!

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Over 300,000 children are murdered inside Planned Parenthood clinics every year.


My mother was three months pregnant with me when she waltzed into Planned Parenthood. But she didn’t get an abortion. Not because she had a ‘sudden change of heart’ nor because someone ‘lead her Jesus’ but because she went there to make sure I was and would be born healthy.

My parents were two poor young adults in their late teens and early twenties when I was conceived. They lived in a tiny apartment and had no insurance, but they wanted me. My mom drove herself to Planned Parenthood from the third month of pregnancy to the fifth (until she finally got medical insurance.) There she got the ultrasound screenings, found out I was a girl, got the prenatal vitamins and were referred to see the physician I’ve been going to from my birth to now. 

Thanks to Planned Parenthood, I was born healthy at six pounds, seven ounces. I had no malformations, no preventable disorders and no preventable health issues. The only thing that occurred was I was in ‘fetal distress’ and was born a week before the due date.

I ‘made it out alive’ and thanks to Planned Parenthood I ‘made it out’ healthy.

Take this bullshit elsewhere.

TL;DR?: Read the bold.

During my first pregnancy (which was planned and very much wanted), I went to PP to confirm my pregnancy after I got a positive test. The staff was super excited for me. I had seen them for years for my birth control when I was uninsured. So they had been a part of my whole journey with my husband—from dating, through marriage, to pregnancy. Thanks to them, we were able to get pregnant when we were ready. Also thanks to them, when I developed complications early on, we were able to get the care we needed quickly (we were at a hospital where the doctors did NOT have a good record of listening to patients) because I was able to show him paperwork from PP confirming my pregnancy and dates (he didn’t believe me without it).

Years later and 2000 miles away, I went to another Planned Parenthood for a blood test to confirm my second pregnancy (again for which we planned and struggled). We were between providers at the time and our insurance required a blood test to prove pregnancy before they would cover my care.  PP was the only way we could get that and we did quickly and at a reasonable price.

We have 3 kids (first pregnancy was twins) that beg to differ with this bullshit! 

There is a very good reason the organization’s name is “PLANNED Parenthood.” Making it easier for people to have families when they’re good and ready for them is the biggest reason for its existence.

OP got shot down HECKA quick.

OP did not make it out alive.

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